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Club Hub empowers club leaders to connect with their members all from one place so that leaders can focus on what matters most: club members.

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Why Use Club Hub

Club Hub is not another app. It is the one place for everything club related!

Attract New Members

Schools generally have a club fair at the start of the year to introduce students to all the opportunities. With Club Hub, you can have an all-year-round club fair. Students can view all the clubs at their school on our website, see a description/events calendar, and join the club. Students receive a weekly email with all the meetings happening at their school.

Increase Event Attendance

Club leaders generally share events via WhatsApp or email where students can lose track of Zoom links and important updates. Also many clubs blast notifications to the entire school. With Club Hub, club leaders create an event on our website. All members will get notified and can sign up. One hour prior to the event, club members receive a text message reminder. At the event, there is an auto-generated QR code for club members to mark themselves present.

Share information in one place

Club leaders can upload files, forms, and google docs to share with their members. Leaders can also send messages that will appear on our website and also get sent to your email and text. Clubs can connect the join link for their WhatsApp chat to their Club homepage.

Simply built for students

Students have a dashboard where they can access all their clubs, and see a calendar with all their upcoming events.


Download our App

When you open the site on your phone you will see a small button on the bottom center that lets you download the App version onto your phone

Our awesome features
Get Notified

Club Hub will send you a text message (and email) an hour before your clubs meet so you don’t miss another meeting and club presidents don’t have to worry about posting on Schoology. When members sign up, they can also request a google calendar invite.

Our awesome features
Attendance & Feedback

Club leaders can access a QR code for their event so members can scan, mark themselves present, and submit feedback. Club leaders can save this information to select future club leaders.

Our awesome features

View calendar with all school events and personalized upcoming events calendar.

Our awesome features